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Chocolate 101 - Unique Chocolate Tasting


“Chocolate 101” is a new, unforgettable experience available for you, brought you by A.C.K

Chef Alain Roby,  award winner for 2013 Pastry Chef of the Year by Chicago Culinary Museum of the All Chocolate Kitchen, will guide you along the tasting path of chocolate, exploring the rich history of the cacao bean, from the mountains of Peru and its divine history among royals to the sweet delicacies enjoyed today. From bean to bar, you will learn how chocolate is made, from the growth of the cocoa bean, to its harvest, processing and preparation. A Chocolate Tasting Class, much like a Wine Tasting Course, will help you understand the subtile distinction between cacao of different types and will teach you a bit about the production process. Get your fill of dark and creamy samples of sweetness! Chocolate 101 is perfect for first dates, evenings with friends, or a unique night in beautiful downtown Geneva, IL.

Starting Jan. 2014, Chocolate 101 can be enjoyed together with our special Wine Tasting, for a sublime experience.

The tasting lasts for 60 - 90 minutes, depending on group size and interactivity.

This is a wonderful occasion for you and your beloved ones, to learn why chocolate has been called the "Food of the Gods" and to enjoy, in an exclusive atmosphere, all of its flavors and nuances.

For reservation, please call: 630.232.2395, or send us an email


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