Exotic Aroma Line - by Chef Roby

Some amazing flavors and creations at the All Chocolate Kitchen!


Chef Roby’s Exotic Aroma Line, is available exclusively for tasting by calling 630.232.2395 and reserving a Chocolate 101 event with Chef Roby.
During this event you'll experience the unique opportunity to taste these five regional based Grand Cru truffles, with influences from Bolivia, Ghana, Madagascar, Grenada and Venezuela.

aromaline-bolivia The Grand Cru Bolivia’s rich cacao flavor is complemented by the aromas expressing the freshness of lemon and the fruitiness of grapefruit.  The gentle processing method exquisitely unfolds the prune bouquet, vanilla note and the exceptionally pleasant fruit acidity. bolivia
aromaline-ghana The Grand Cru Ghana is an intense chocolate flavor with a rich, almost coffee-like finish with a hint of spice (with neither added coffee nor spices).  Made from pure Ghana cacao beans, cane sugar, cocoa butter and vanilla, the chocolate is coated with earthy and beneficial turmeric. ghana
aromaline-madagascar The Grand Cru Madagascar is a well-balanced, fruity cacao flavor entwined with a touch of roasted hazelnut aroma complimented with a fresh note of forest berries.  The traditional, gentle processing method unfolds a subtle fruit acid note, enhanced with a dusting of coconut. madagascar
aromaline-venezuela The Grand Cru Venezuela is a harmonious combination of coffee and plum aromas enhancing the distinct cacao flavor.  The traditional, gentle processing method unfolds the aromas of the earthy reddish tropical spices. venezuela
grenada-aromaline The Grand Cru Grenada is a sensory experience that opens with a full-bodies, intense cacao flavor complimented through a coating of pistachios. grenada-flag

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